At Carol Property we help you invest on the Costa del Sol efficiently and safely

Learn about our process

First of all we will seek to know your interests. How much money do you want to invest, your forecasts and future needs. Through a strategic plan development.
Analysis and Search
We will provide you with a detailed analysis of the investment, with the probability of future profitability by studying the market and the areas that suit your interests. Our team will look for the options of the residence, premises, building or hotel that best suits your idea.
We help you with all the steps to make the purchase, from the signatures to the notary service. A good contract is essential to avoid future problems.
Reforms (optional)
In case you need reforms in the property or premises, we will make different teams available to achieve the best job with an appropriate budget.
Rent or Sale (Profits)
Once the entire process is finished, we take care of getting the best clients through our network of contacts and the appropriate marketing, either for a rental or to sell again, and give you the investment you were looking for.

Reasons to invest in the Costa del Sol


Year-over-year return on investment continues to rise despite a difficult period due to Covid-19. According to statistics, new build properties in the area saw a 6.45% increase in the third quarter of 2020 compared to the same period a year earlier.

Transaction Costs

Transaction costs compared to other European destinations are extremely reasonable. They can vary between 7.5% and 15%.

Good Profitability

The average gross rental return is between 4.10% and 6.15% on long-term rentals, and with vacation rentals generating more with the added bonus that it can become a family vacation favorite as well as in a lucrative investment.


Malaga has a large international airport, connected to all the main destinations in the world, which makes the Costa del Sol a multicultural destination, ideal for living or vacationing, where the public of all ages can find the necessary support, to settle , travel or do business.

beautiful destiny

The Costa del Sol has an enormous number of hours of sunshine and a privileged climate most of the year. It is also an area of continuous expansion. And year after year, it offers the best of local and international food, new leisure and recreation centers, and beautiful beaches.

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